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Sports at The Pen Ryn School

Basketball (Boys & Girls Teams) Grades 6-8
Cross Country Grades 5-8
Soccer Grades 6-8
Softball (Boys & Girls) Grades 6-8
Student sports at Pen Ryn are about participation, sportsmanship, character development, and other healthy habits that last a lifetime. Beginning in sixth grade, students have the opportunity to participate in the interscholastic sports program. Basketball, soccer, softball, cheerleading (beginning in 4th grade), and cross-country (beginning in 5th grade) are available. Information is provided through the Athletic Director. The emphasis of the program is on participation. As much as is feasible, the school maintains a no-cut policy, and JV and varsity squads ensure that all children get playing time. Students have the opportunity to compete with other private schools in the area. Games are scheduled home or away in advance and a schedule is supplied to each member of the team. We expect all spectators to reflect our philosophy through their behavior at all sporting events.


Sportsmanship Guidelines

Do not use profane language or harass players, coaches or officials.
Applaud good plays by your own team and the visiting team.
Never ridicule or scold a child for making a mistake during a competition.

Respect the officials' decisions.Encourage players to always play according to the rules.‚Äč

Any poor sportsmanship could result in removal from the event for either the player and/or spectator. Students from the lower grades may not attend athletic events unless accompanied by a parent. As with any change of dismissal routine, a note should be sent to the homeroom teacher.
For more information, contact our Director of Athletics.