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Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade

The curriculum in Language Arts includes the study of the nature of conflict and human response to social injustice as demonstrated through a variety of novels, drama, short stories, poetry, and non-fiction sources. Reading instruction methods vary according to the complexity of the literature under study and range from whole class study to independent reading. Students respond to literature through various writing activities, project work, and oral presentations. Writer's Workshop stresses student selection topics and genres as well as required formats such as narrative, poetry, research, and essay. The revision phase of the writing process is emphasized with students producing multiple drafts and publishable works with real world relevancy.

The use of technology is an integral part of Pen Ryn’s eighth grade curriculum.  Students utilize online textbooks in several major subject areas.  After an initial study of the Constitution, students continue to analyze the application of its ideals throughout the timeline of United States history, beginning with Reconstruction and continuing through the Civil Rights Era.  The study culminates in a cross-curricular, technology based project in conjunction with the end-of-year field trip. The math curriculum focuses on individual achievement by placing students in different levels of algebra.  The eighth grade Algebra 1 curriculum puts a heavy emphasis on topics such as polynomials, solving and graphing systems of equations, and functions.  It also gives a brief overview of the basic concepts involved with probability and statistics.  The Introduction to Algebra course includes work with probability, rational numbers, equations, and geometry. Students are able to master skills needed for Algebra 1 as well as be introduced to many concepts they will encounter in high school mathematics.

Physical education plays a large part in the life of the Pen Ryn student.  Students have the opportunity to participate in intramural activities.  Students can join the following team sports: soccer, cross-country, cheerleading, basketball, tennis, golf, and softball.  Athletic participation culminates on Blue and Gold Day when eighth graders lead the student body in the friendly competition of games and races. 

Leadership is a key component of our expectations for eighth graders.  Throughout the year, students are engaged in physical and cognitive cooperative activities.  A sense of working for and with one another is witnessed in their establishing a well run and active student council with eighth graders serving as elected officers for the entire student body. 

An eighth grader’s career includes appropriate field trips such as an overnight cooperative challenge course in the Pocono Mountains or traveling to a city rich in history and culture.  However, the highlight of an eighth grader’s Pen Ryn experience is the unique graduation ceremony.  Each student becomes a class valedictorian by publicly expressing what a Pen Ryn education has meant to her/him.  Invariably, the speeches reflect on Pen Ryn’s philosophy of encouraging educational excellence at each student’s potential.


Revised on 11-1-15  

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