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Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade

Departmentalization begins in fifth grade as students move to different teachers to learn the various subjects.  This is an exciting time for them as it allows for a gradual transition into middle school years.

In Language Arts, fifth graders are engaged in a balanced literacy program that sharpens and hones reading skills. Students are exposed to a variety of quality literature. Students practice skills such as predicting, inferring, close-reading, and citing evidence to inform their reading. Vocabulary is developed through authentic use in students’ reading selections. Speaking skills are implemented and critiqued during oral presentations.  Listening is practiced and improved through small group discussions and responding to questions after a short article or story is presented orally. 

In writing, fifth graders learn to write for different purposes and in different styles. Units are focused on personal narratives, research-based argument essays, research reports, and fiction writing. Students use technology to share, edit, and enhance their pieces as they learn the various steps of the writing process. Additionally, students learn spelling, grammar, and writing conventions throughout their fifth grade year.

Independent study skills are an important part of the curriculum in science and social studies.  Science builds on skills learned previously and introduces new skills and concepts through both reading and hands-on activities.  A variety of learning styles are explored in social studies using cooperative learning, creativity, and independent study.

Fifth grade math continues to build on the students' basic arithmetic skills. Students will expand upon their previous understanding of multiplication, division, decimals and fraction problems. Problem solving and critical thinking are explored through estimation, mental computation and real world situations for the purpose of developing a better understanding of mathematical reasonableness.

As part of the upper grades, fifth graders are introduced to privileges, experiences, and responsibilities that they have been anticipating for a number of years.  Usually at the top of this list is the Halloween Sleepover. This is a fun night of dancing, entertainment, and the ever-popular “Haunted House”.  Fifth grade is also the year for the formal D.A.R.E. (Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education) curriculum, taught by a local police officer.  The children are taught the program and become the proud recipients of D.A.R.E. diplomas at their graduation.  Also listed among “firsts” by students would be participation in team sports such as cross country, cheerleading, and organized intramural activities during recess, such as floor hockey and soccer.

Other experiences include a Living Wax Museum Night, band, Honor Roll, dances, progress reports, and Electives.  Electives are offered once a week for 3-4 weeks.  Children choose from a variety of activities that reflect their interests.  These co-mingling activities offer students the opportunity to socialize with others who share similar interests at varying ages and at varying degrees of experience.


Revised on 11-1-15

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