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Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade

The fourth grade experience at Pen Ryn School is a highly motivating blend of formal and informal activities.

In Language Arts, students will integrate reading, writing, and communication skills through many projects and presentations.  Literature circle groups are designed with the goal of helping to differentiate reading, further develop life-long habits of pleasure and informational reading. Various forms of writing and genres of reading are explored. As they are immersed in writing, they begin to develop their own style, technique and skill to find their unique voice.

Fourth grade math promotes problem solving, reasoning, and making connections.  Hands-on activities provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their understanding of concepts. The focal points of fourth grade math are multiplying multi-digit numbers, learning long division, developing an understanding of fractions and decimals, and finding the area of shapes.

Science is a blend of hands-on and academic challenges. Students will form a hypothesis, observe, and reach a conclusion during experiments. They will discuss these observation verbally and then in writing. Science concepts for the year will encourage them to explore animal behaviors, study force and motion, and identify classes of rocks and minerals.

Techniques to help develop study skills are explored, such as note taking and making flash cards.  Students will gain global awareness through technology, discussion and research.The fourth grade experience is challenging and exciting. Students are encouraged to collaborate, tolerate and accept one another to achieve independence and to feel empowered.

Revised on 11-1-15

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