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Why, What, and When?


Homework  assignments provide students with the opportunity to practice skills learned in class.  The amount of homework given is age appropriate.  By sixth grade, children can expect one to two hours per night.  No homework will be given over the winter and spring vacations.Your child is usually assigned homework every night to reinforce what has been taught in school.  This work may include writing assignments, reading, watching a TV special, or working on a project.


Parents should provide a quiet place and a specified time for the student to do his/her homework. They should assist their children, but not actually do the work for them. Homework is a serious aspect of a student's education and parents are asked to make every effort to see that it is done neatly and completely.  The best results are usually achieved when a parent checks and signs their child's assignment book after the homework has been completed. If you find your child spending more time than expected by the teacher on homework, please speak to the teacher so that your child can be helped to work more efficiently.  There is a fine line between guiding and doing the homework.  Our goal is to create independent learners, children not afraid to make mistakes and ask for help when needed.


Projects that are appropriate for the child’s age, help children learn to organize their work and budget their time.  These are skills the faculty helps your child develop through the years.


Quizzes and tests help children learn and sharpen study skills.  They also help monitor progress and identify weaknesses.


Final Exams - A final exam is given in certain courses in grades 7 and 8.  The purpose of a final exam at this level is to give students the experience of preparing for and taking an exam which tests the knowledge they have accumulated over a longer period of time.  Teachers guide students carefully through the preparation for the final exams.  Parents will be informed well in advance of the schedule for exams, the weight of the exam on the student’s final grade, and the steps in preparing for the exams.


Curriculum - The school curriculum emphasizes the development of basic skills, study skills, and acquisition of a core of knowledge and information.  Students are provided a firm foundation in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.  Special emphasis is on the development of effective reading, writing, and study skills.  Instruction in computers, library use, art, music, health and physical education provides a well rounded education.  Spanish instruction begins in Nursery.  Information about the curriculum is provided to parents at orientation nights and through printed materials which are systematically and continually reviewed and revised by our teachers.


Report Cards - There are three report card periods throughout the school year.  Parent conferences are available after each of the first three report periods, or upon request.  Report cards are sent home with the students.  Parents sign and return the envelope to their child’s teacher.  Report cards are also available online the day they go home.


Progress Reports - In the primary grades, kindergarten through fourth, unsatisfactory progress is handled as the need arises.  In that event, the teacher will contact the parents. In the upper grades, progress reports are emailed home for all fifth through eighth grade students mid-way through each trimester.


Grading System -

A+  100-98 Evidences independent achievement and

A    97-95 consistently does work of superior quality.

A-   94-92

B+  91-89 Does high quality work frequently, and clearly

B    88-86 above satisfactory requirements.

B-   85-83

C+  82-80 Is satisfactorily doing what is expected at

C    79-77 his/her instructional level

C-   76-74

D+  73-71 Is barely meeting the minimum requirements.

D    70-68

D-   67-65

F    below 65 Is failing to meet the minimum requirements.


Honor Roll -  An honor roll is announced for grades 5-8 at the end of each grading period.  Students earn their honor roll certificate by a combination of academic grades.  To be on the Distinguished Honor Roll, the student must have earned all A’s and one B, B+.  To be on the Honor Roll, the student must have earned all A’s and B’s with no more than one C or C+.


Textbooks - Students are responsible for the care of their textbooks.  ALL TEXTBOOKS MUST BE COVERED.  The student will be accountable for damage or excessive wear.  Lost books must be reported to the subject teacher.


Special Services available to the school include the following:

A. A nurse is provided by the Pennsbury School District one day per week.

B. Catapult Learning is a state-funded remedial education and diagnostic service in reading, math,

counseling, and testing that is available for our students who need it.

C. Our school can also suggest private, professional individuals for testing, evaluations, and counseling.




All students are expected to be in their classrooms by 8:35 AM.  Latecomers should stop in the office with an adult to sign in and then proceed directly to their class.  If a late student is not signed in, they risk being marked absent. Children may arrive as early as 7:00 AM.  Our Extended Day Program will provide supervision until the children go their classrooms. A teacher is stationed at the front of the school to meet each bus, record its arrival time, and see students safely to their appropriate place.



Classes end at 3:05 PM. Students then report to their homeroom to be dismissed. Dismissal begins at 3:10 PM. Bussing is provided by most school districts. Parents are notified by the school district in which they reside, prior to the start of school, as to time and place of their child’s bus stop. Questions regarding bussing may be directed to the school office.


Nursery & Pre-kindergarten dismissal is 3:05 PM.  Parents should go directly to the cafeteria to pick them up. Bussing is not provided by the school districts for Nursery & Pre-kindergarten.


Car riders - Parents should notify the teacher if their child is not going home the usual way. Parents should go to the cafeteria and check out with the teacher in charge to pick up their child. When dropping off or picking up your child, please do not park in the bus zone in front of the school. This area must be kept free of cars so buses may pull up and leave promptly. Please note:  When dropping children off in the morning, do so quickly as to not hold up traffic and busses behind you.


Bus riders are all lined up by bus number and district in the gym. Children are loaded onto each bus by a teacher. Students are not permitted to ride a bus outside of their home school district. This is a transportation rule for insurance purposes.


Remember - If your child is going home other than the usual way, the teacher must have a note from you!  Details should be worked out the night before, so everyone - especially your child - knows what is to happen.


Keeping Informed - It is extremely important that the office be kept up to date regarding changes in address and telephone numbers (home and office) of parents as well as emergency contacts and email addresses. Any changes should be made as soon as possible.


Effective communication between home and school is a critical ingredient in the educational success of each student and the overall success of the school. Teachers will communicate to the parents major concerns or problems regarding a student.  While there are times when teachers will handle minor problems without contacting parents, major or serious concerns should be discussed immediately. Parents should contact their child's teacher promptly regarding any questions, concerns, or with information of value about their child.


Parents are asked to approach any problem in as positive a manner as possible. A problem should not go uncorrected for any length of time, especially if it is causing your child serious difficulty. You are welcome to contact teachers by note or by telephone. Parents are asked not to have private conversations about their child with teachers at social functions or Parent Orientations. They should make arrangements to talk with the teacher at a more appropriate time and place. If you wish to speak to a teacher, call the office and leave a message. The teacher will return your call at their earliest convenience.


Try to avoid contacting the school at opening or dismissal as these are peak activity hours in the office.  (Students may use the telephone only for emergency calls.)


Wednesday Envelopes / Announcements

Many announcements are sent home via the children. We have developed a system of Red Wednesday folders. Parents, please sign the front of the folder each week. In addition Wednesday Notes are emailed home every week in order to keep you as informed as possible. It is important for your child to deliver all announcements issued by the school. Insist that your child bring home all flyers, newsletters, and announcements. Do not permit your children to open envelopes addressed to you.





Our school has high expectations of our students in terms of their behavior, attitude, and sense of responsibility.  Our faculty will stress that the students respect all adults with whom they come in contact; respect each other as students and people; and respect our facilities and equipment.  Appropriate behavior is expected from all students at all class, on the bus, in the hall, on the playground, and at any after-school activity.

Students are expected to show pride in their school by respecting all equipment and facilities.  Students must keep their desks and the area around them clean by putting trash in the proper place. We ask that everyone keeps common areas such as the hallways, bathrooms, the library, school grounds, and cafeteria free of  litter.  GUM IS NOT PERMITTED on the bus, playground, or in the school building.

In conclusion, Pen Ryn students are expected to behave in a manner of which they can be proud since their behavior is a reflection of them, their families, and their school.

We will focus on and expect all students to:

  • Demonstrate a positive, cooperative attitude

  • Use appropriate language at all times

  • Respect all adults, including parents, teachers, bus drivers and secretaries.

  • Work in class in a quiet, cooperative manner.

  • Be courteous and friendly to other students.

  • Keep their hands to themselves, especially at recess

  • Behave in a positive manner on the school bus, following all bus rules.


    We do not and will not tolerate unlawful harassment of our employees or students.  The term “harassment” includes, but is not limited to, slurs, jokes, and other verbal, graphic or physical conduct relating to an individual’s race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, citizenship, age, or disability.  “Harassment” also includes sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, offensive touching, and other verbal, graphic or physical conduct of a sexual nature.


    While good behavior is its own reward because it creates a positive and safe atmosphere, our faculty recognizes and reinforces individuals and groups of students for their appropriate behavior by compliments, rewards, and special treats and privileges.  Every school must have an outline of behaviors that are inappropriate and the resulting consequences.  The following revision of our behavior code is presented to point out specifically the types of behavior that are not permitted and the range of consequences for each.  The nature and maturity level of primary grade students (Nursery to grade3) causes our school to be more moderate in these consequences than in grades 4-8.  While some of these behaviors almost never occur at Pen Ryn, this is an attempt to be as inclusive as possible of undesirable behaviors present in schools today.  The first consequence shown is the automatic minimum consequence.


  • On-going, uncorrected misbehaviors can build up to a more serious consequence.  The following are consequences for progressive incidents of misbehavior.

    In grades 5-8 upon reciept of a fourth lunch detention for misbehavior in a marking period they will receive an after-school detention until 4:30.

    A student who receives a third after-school detention, will receive an in-school suspension in its place.

    A student who receives a third in-school suspension will be suspended from school and considered for expulsion.

    A student who receives a second out-of-school suspension will be considered for expulsion.

    After school detentions and in-school and out-of-school suspensions are cumulative for the year.



    Lunch Detention


    In-School Suspension

    Out/School Suspension








    Name Calling


















    Talking Back to an Adult






    Disregard of Authority






    Foul or Suggestive Language/Behavior






    Inappropriate Language












    Threaten Someone






























    Disturbing Another Person’s Things












    Forging Signatures


















    Calling Out






    Disrupting Class












    Incomplete Assignments






    Cutting Class
























    Endangering Another






    Rough Play






    Accidental injury caused to another through carelessness or misbehavior






















    Gum Chewing






    Dress Code Violations






    Cutting School, Truancy











School bus transportation is provided for our students by the public school districts in which they live.  Each school district originates its own route, stops, and time schedule.  The districts do not provide door-to-door service.  Our school has no control over the details of transportation.



Listening to and following the directions of the bus driver are of primary importance.

The following rules are for everyone's safety while riding the school bus:


  2. Students must remain seated while the bus is in motion.

  3. Screaming, throwing things, and foul language are NOT PERMITTED.

  4. Students are not permitted to eat or drink on the bus.

  5. Walkman radios with headphones are permitted on the bus; but students may not use them in school at any time.

  6. Younger children (K-4) must sit in the FRONT OF THE BUS.

  7. Drivers must report incidents of misbehavior to the school office.

  8. Students may not switch buses for any reason.



Students who violate these rules are endangering everyone on the bus and are often portraying our school to the public in a very negative way.  Consequently, students who are reported for violations will be disciplined. Penalties for bus misbehavior are listed in the behavior code.

When a driver submits a report of misbehavior on the bus the student meets with the Head of School, Assistant Head of School or Upper Grade Coordinator to discuss the incident.  For most first offenses a warning is given and the parent receives a written notice to sign and return to school. A second violation results in a conference with the student, parent, driver and Administration.  A third violation during the same school year will likely result in a suspension of bus riding privileges for a period from one to two weeks depending on the age of the child and nature of the problem. Serious, or chronic offenders, will not be permitted to continue to ride the bus.  Our experience with lesser forms of penalties has not been successful.  Bus suspensions are most effective in changing a student's behavior.

Parents can help in this area in two ways:

  1. Impress on your children the importance of following the rules.

  2. Contact the school if you feel serious and/or frequent violations are occurring.  Often times the school is not aware that these problems are occurring on the bus.



  1. Walk while entering or leaving the building.

  2. Once you leave the building, you must stay outside for the entire recess.

  3. Eating is not permitted on the playground.

  4. Students are not permitted to leave the immediate area of supervision.  Students are not permitted in the brush, woods or bushes.

  5. Rough games and rough play are not allowed (shoving, pushing, kicking, grabbing). Tackle football, contact soccer, and hardball are not permitted.

  6. Foul language is NEVER PERMITTED.

  7. Littering, throwing rocks, sticks, or snowballs are NEVER PERMITTED.

  8. Using the playground in an inappropriate way.

  9. At the end of recess, when the 1st whistle is blown, stop wherever you are and when the 2nd whistle is blown, walk to your line.

  10. In general, older children should be a positive influence on, and help, younger children.                 

  11. Cooperation and sharing should be continually in practice.

To maintain order and discipline on school property and at school-related events and to protect the safety and welfare of students and school personnel, The Pen Ryn School has the right to perform unannounced searches and to seize contraband, and has the right to perform physical searches of students to determine whether they pose a danger to themselves and others. The Head of School and authorized staff members may search a student’s pockets, purse, backpack, gym bag, or other personal property; student desks, or other school property; under the conditions described below.


No student may possess any illegal substance, object, or contraband that constitutes a threat to the health, safety, or welfare of any person or persons on school property.  Contraband is all substances or materials prohibited by school policy or state or federal law, including but not limited to controlled substances, drugs, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, guns, knives, weapons, or incendiary devices.  All items deemed to be illegal, illicit, disruptive, or a general nuisance to the educational process may be seized by staff.  Storage, return, or destruction of such items shall be at the discretion of the Head of School or the Head’s designated agent, subject to legal impoundment. Possession of these items may result in immediate dismissal from school.



In order to set a proper example for our students, we request that parents refrain from smoking when on school property.



  1. School is a work place. Things other than school equipment should be left at home.  
  2. Please leave valuables at home since the school is not responsible for lost or broken items.
  3. We understand that students who are on the bus for long periods of time want to have items to keep them occupied, however, these items must be kept in their book bags during the school day.

  4. Pen Ryn is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Please have your child keep expensive items in their book bag or at home.

  5. Cell phones must be turned off during the day and kept in their backpack.


What’s Cooking?


Monday through Thursday, our lunches are provided by Lindinger’s Catering in our cafeteria.  Hot lunches are available as well as snacks. Fridays are Pizza Days.  Pizza is supplied by a local pizza shop.  Assorted ice cream is also available on Fridays. 1% Milk, orange juice and apple juice are provided free of charge at every lunch.  Menus are changed slightly every ten weeks.  Lunch prices range from $.50 for fries to $1.75 for a hot sandwich.


Lunch & Recess Times


Nursery- PreK

Grades 5-8

Grades K-4

10:55 – 11:20 - Recess

11:30 – 11:50 - Recess

12:00 – 12:20 - Recess

11:30 – 11:55 - Lunch

11:55 – 12:20 - Lunch

12:25 – 12:50 - Lunch


Morning Recess Times


Grades 1-2 10:00-10:15

Grades 3-4 10:30-10:45


Recess Snacks

Students at Pen Ryn receive instructions in good nutritional practices.  To reinforce this program, we ask parental support in providing nutritional snacks from home for recess time.




Enrollment and tuition charges are for the full academic year, whether or not the student completes the year. No portion of tuition will be refunded or remitted dur to absence, suspension, explusion, or withdrawal. One half of the tuition is payable on or before August 1st. The second half of the tuition is due on or before January 15th. A monthly payment plan is available for a modest service fee. Tuition discounts are available to families with more than one child in the school. The oldest child pays full tuition. The discount is 10% for the second child, 15% for the third, and 20% for the fourth, based on tuition at the respective grade level.



Each family will receive an enrollment contract after they have been accepted.



Regular and timely attendance is crucial to a student's daily and cumulative progress.  Lateness and absences must be kept to a minimum to ensure short and long term school success.

Extended absences require a note from a physician.  Students who miss twenty (20) or more days of school, for any reason, have missed a major amount of work.  In such a case, the school may have a special concern about the student's progress, and their preparation for the following grade.



In order to make sure that all students are accounted for each day, we ask you to call the school nurse (ext. 14) whenever your student is absent for any reason.  For your convenience, you can report an absence day or night through our voice mail system.  After 8:00 AM the office will receive your call.  If your child is absent and we have not heard from you by 9:00 AM, the nurse will call you to make sure you know your child is not at school.

Homework requests should be made through the main office.  Homework may be picked up after 3:15 PM until 4:00 PM in the main office.  Between 4:00 and 6:00 PM homework may be picked up in Extended Day Care.



Be prompt in bringing children to school and other activities.  All children must be in school no later than 8:30 a.m.  If your child arrives late, you need to come into the office and sign them in.  Be considerate of those working with your children after school and pick them up on time.

Punctuality is crucial to your child's academic success.  A student who is consistently on time has the advantages of preparation for work and a positive attitude toward the school day.



Pen Ryn does not want students to miss school due to vacations. The Christmas and Easter vacations have been lengthened to increase time for vacation trips.  If a vacation must be taken during the school year, parents are required to:

1. Notify in writing the student's homeroom teacher and the Head of School.

2. Arrange to have any missed assignments completed.

It is strongly recommended that students not miss school for vacation purposes.



Appointments with the doctor, dentist, etc., should be made after school when-ever possible. If this cannot be arranged, parents should try to make appointments which will allow the student to be in school the majority of the day. Parents must notify the teacher if an appointment has been scheduled.


Extended Day Program

Our EDC Program is offered each day school is in session including “Noon Dismissals”, 7:00 to 8:00 AM and from 3:30 to 6:00 PM.  There is no EDC before the Thanksgiving holiday, Christmas vacation, Blue and Gold day, 8th Grade Graduation and the last day of school.

Communicating with us regarding your EDC plans is imperative for our program to run successfully.  We ask that you notify your child’s classroom teacher concerning your EDC plans; messages in writing in the morning are the best way to assure this communication.  Phone calls to the office for last minute changes are also accepted.

All students using the EDC Program must be registered.  It is not necessary for your child to be in the program full time, however, for your child’s safety, we need to have registration/emergency forms in your child’s EDC folder.  This program is for your convenience and all students are welcome.  Registration forms can be filled out when picked up by a parent for unregistered students.


Interscholastic Sports

Student sports at Pen Ryn are about participation, sportsmanship, character development, and other healthy habits that last a lifetime. Students have the opportunity to participate in the interscholastic sports program.  Basketball, soccer, softball, cheerleading and cross-country are available. Information is provided through the Athletic Director.  The emphasis of the program is on participation.  As much as is feasible, the school maintains a no-cut policy. Students have the opportunity to compete with other private schools in the area. Games are scheduled home or away in advance and a schedule is supplied each member of the team.

We expect all spectators to reflect our philosophy through their behavior at all sporting events.  Please follow these guidelines:

  1. Do not use profane language or harass players, coaches or officials.

  2. Applaud good plays by your own team AND the visiting team.

  3. Never ridicule or scold a child for making a mistake during a competition.

  4. Respect the officials’ decisions.

  5. Encourage players to always play according to the rules.

  6. Any poor sportsmanship could result in removal from the event for either the player and/or the spectator.

  7. Students from the lower grades may not attend athletic events unless accompanied by a parent. As with any change of dismissal routine, a note should be sent to the homeroom teacher.



All students have an opportunity to participate in a variety of school activities. Our activities are guided by competent faculty who provide an opportunity for the development and nurturing of each student.  Also included are a variety of special classroom activities and events, some unique to each grade level.

Activities include:

  1. Student Council

  2. Drama

  3. Blue & Gold Day

  4. Band (grades 4-8)

  5. Dances (grades 5-8)

  6. Holiday Parties

  7. Halloween Sleepover (grades 5-8)

  8. Activity Period (grades 5-8)


After School Club

These programs are available to students several times during the school year. Students enjoy developing awareness, concepts and skills about topics not normally covered in the school curriculum or dealt with in a different way.  “Hands-on,” active involvement is a main learning approach in each course.

Each course varies in length and time.  Instructors rely on children being picked up promptly when class ends.  All courses are held at Pen Ryn.  Juice and snacks are provided.  Parents will be informed in advance of course offerings and fees.


Field Trips - Parent Chaperones

Field trips are an important part of the Pen Ryn experience.  Each field trip has an academic purpose and is connected to the school curriculum.  When transporting students to off campus locations, parents play a vital role as chaperones in helping maintain the safety of the children.  Here are some guidelines for parents to follow when chaperoning a field trip.

  1. The number of chaperones needed for the trip is determined by the teachers. No other parents should plan to attend. Just as during a normal school day, students need to learn to function without their parents present. Too many parents attending a field trip may interfere with the children achieving the full benefit of the experience. When the number of volunteers exceeds the number of chaperones needed, the teachers will conduct a lottery. They will attempt to give all interested parents an equal opportunity to chaperone during the school year.

  2. Parents who are serving as chaperones need to follow the guidelines provided by the teacher. Their full attention should be on their supervisory duties. Therefore, younger siblings may not accompany parent chaperones on school trips.

  3. Parents are not expected to spend any of their own money on the trip. Please do not treat the students in your charge to snacks or souvenirs. This will only cause hard feelings for those students who do not have you for a chaperone.

  4. Chaperones are expected to travel by bus with the students. Do not plan to follow the bus in your car.  Students are expected to travel to and from the destination on the bus. Parents should not make special arrangements to drive their own children.

  5. School rules apply on field trips for both students and parents. Please, no smoking or alcohol consumption. For safety and security reasons, all students will wear the Pen Ryn Spirit T-shirt on field trips.




To protect all students from the danger of an accident involving medication, students are not permitted to take any medication in school unless under the supervision of the school nurse.

In order for any student to be given any medication by the nurse at Pen Ryn (Both prescription and over-the-counter), you will have to provide a prescription or letter from your physician listing out the medications and the dosage to be given as well as a supply of the medications

(in a labeled zip-lock bag).



A student who is too ill to remain in class should inform his/her homeroom teacher.  If necessary, the office or nurse will contact the parents.  Accidents occurring on the school grounds during the school day should be reported to the homeroom teacher, the teacher in charge, the office, and the nurse.

In consideration for your own child's welfare, as well as that of his/her classmates, please do not send a child to school who is ill or has a fever.  If your child becomes ill while at school, you will be contacted and asked to pick them up. Student must be 24 hour illness free prior to returning to school.



State laws to protect children's safety and welfare mandate that a school person who encounters any incident of suspected child neglect or abuse, and any concern about suicide which has not received proper attention, must make a report to the proper authorities.  State laws require this action, and stipulate legal penalties to school personnel who do not follow these laws.




Our biggest event of the school year is Blue & Gold Day.  Held in late Spring, it consists of student athletic events. Students are assigned permanently to either the Blue or Gold team.  Members of the same family are on the same team.  For our students and families it is the highlight of the year.  The day is co-sponsored by the faculty and PTO.



The Halloween Sleepover is held each year on the Friday night before Halloween. A special, fun-filled evening is planned for our students in Grades 5 through 8. The supervised activities include

the haunted house, story time, a dance, and some form of entertainment such as an illusionist or a theatrical presentation.  Costumes may be may be worn. No masks or pretend weapons allowed!

Refreshments will be served throughout the evening.  Doughnuts, bagels, fruit, juice, and milk will be the morning snack.  Children will be sleeping in the gym, in a separate area for boys, and a separate area for girls.



Grandparents and Honorary Grandparents or Special Persons (a close relative or friend) of all Pen Ryn students from Pre-K through 8th grade are invited to come and see their grandchildren in action at school.  This year Grandparents’ Day is the day before Thanksgiving.



The second grade has an annual Mother’s Day Breakfast each year.  Dads cook pancakes and sausage and serve breakfast to the moms and second grade students.  The children entertain their moms with poems and songs.  A slide presentation is one of the highlights.



Pen Ryn has a tradition to honor the current graduating class with a leadership convocation and flag-raising ceremony in September.  After graduation, the banner will be hung in a place of honor in the school.




Students who lose books or personal articles may check for them in the office.  Any articles which are found should be turned in to the office.  Label everything! The lost and found cart is located outside of the cafeteria for larger articles such as clothing.  Watches, jewelry and smaller items are held in the office.



To avoid hurt feelings please consider these guidelines in planning parties.  If your child distributes invitations in school, there must be one for each member of his or her class. If only a few classmates are to be invited, the invitations must be mailed.  Gifts should not be brought to school. Many children enjoy bringing a treat for their classmates on their birthday.  Please notify your child's teacher if you would like to do this.



Your child may only use the telephone in the event of an emergency.  Forgetting homework assignments, projects, sports equipment and the like, are not considered emergencies.  Advanced planning and responsibility are required so that your child is prepared for the school day.

After-school visits with friends should be arranged prior to the school day.  Your child may not use the phone to arrange such visits.  If an emergency arises and a parent must make last minute transportation changes, the parent should call the office.

If athletic practices or games are cancelled due to inclement weather, your child will be allowed to call you.

With the increasing popularity of cell phones, the following rule has been instituted:  Cell phones may not be used during the school day and must be turned off.



For safety's sake, the school speed limit in our driveway and parking lot is 5 mph.  Everyone is requested to observe this especially in the front of the school where children and adults enter and exit.  Parking is not permitted in the driveway in front of the office.



Fire drills at regular intervals are required by law and are an important safety precaution.  Students should listen for and follow teachers' directions regarding a fire drill.  It is essential that when the first signal is given, everyone leave the building by the prescribed route as quickly as possible.  Students are not permitted to talk during fire drills and are to remain outside the building until a signal is given to return inside.  Lights should be turned out and doors and windows closed.



To protect our students and provide monitoring of access to the building, all the doors are locked at 8:45. We have video cameras so we can see who is at the front door. You must ring the bell and enter through the front door.  All visitors, including parents, are required to stop at the office for a pass. Front doors will be locked at 6:00 PM on most nights. Use the “Faculty Entrance” for committee meetings.




A special morning ceremony is planned for our kindergarten students.  Families and friends are invited to attend the graduation ceremony on the last day of school for kindergarten students.



An 8th Grade Salute is held the week before graduation for families of our graduates.  Highlights are the slide show featuring our graduates through their years at Pen Ryn and the recognition of individual students.

Eighth Grade Graduation is held at the Pen Ryn Mansion on a Thursday evening at 6:00.




  1. SUBJECT AWARDS – Considerations are cumulative average, enthusiasm for subject, class participation.

  2. SCHOLAR ATHETE –  Considerations are consistent demonstration of effort and ability in the classroom as well as on the playing field and consistent display of sportsmanship, teamwork, and a positive attitude.

  3. AWARD FOR EFFORT – Funded by the Class of 1990 and a friend of the school.  Considerations are the student works to his or her ability on a daily basis,  escellent work haits, and perseverance.

  4. DAVID A. PROVEN AWARD –  Considerations are “best exemplifies the leadership and character traits that are fostered by the Pen Ryn staff, and whose qualities of both personality and character have enabled him/her to be appositive influence on his/her peers and the school.”  This award is funded by David A. Proven, a former Board of Trustees member, former parent and grandparent.

  5. SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT – Consideration is highest overall average in all subjects.  This award is funded by the PTO.

  6. PEN RYN SPIRIT AWARD – Presented in memory of Richard Bozzi, Class of 1991.  Consideration is given to a student who shows enthusiasm and spirit in school and who demonstrates a positive attitude everyday.

  7. PRESIDENTIAL ACADEMIC AWARDS – Established by the U.S. Department of Education, this award recognizes and honors outstanding educational achievement.

  8. AMERICAN LEGION AWARD – First given in 1993.  Awarded to a female and a male student.  Considerations are good citizenship, moral character, kindness, leadership, etc.  This award is presented by the local American Legion and Auxiliary Chapters.  The award is voted by the students.

  9. JOHN V. MUNDY AWARD – Funded by the PTO.  Awarded to a student who best exemplified the qualities of the former Head of School – effort, concern for others, and dedication to Pen Ryn.

  10. MICHAELEEN P. CHRISTY AWARD – Acknowledges a student who reflects the traits of caring, kindness, and charity towards others exemplified by Mrs. Christy throughout her life.  This award includes a monetary gift and a certificate.  Funded by the Christy family.

  11. LIZ MORTON AWARD – Funded by the PTO.  Considerations are a student that “demonstrates a longevity of attendance at Pen Ryn; good  academic achievement; a love of learning and is a spirited and caring individual.”