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The Extended Day Care (EDC) Program at The Pen Ryn School is designed to provide a high quality, state licensed, after school program as a service for our enrolled families. The main focus of our program is to provide a safe, nurturing and enjoyable environment in the hours after the school day has ended.

The Extended Day Program is offered for Nursery through 8th grades from 7:00 to 8:00 AM and 3:30 to 6:00 PM each day that school is in session.

Because the school day is demanding, our aim is to provide time in the afternoon for the children to unwind, visit with friends, participate in physical and age appropriate activities, and to complete their homework. The EDC Program begins in the cafeteria where the children are checked in and snacks provided. They then socialize with friends on the playground or the black top in good weather. On days that keep us indoors, the gym and/or cafeteria areas are utilized. We also have a variety of games, activities, and movies to keep the children engaged.

The Extended Day Program follows our school philosophy. This consistency increases the comfort level of the children. The children under our care are always closely supervised by our trained and competent staff. The staff consists of a director, teachers, and assistants who are all part of the Pen Ryn family. Their presence in the school on a regular basis provides familiarity and continuity with the children. 

We encourage all students who participate in any after school activity such as tutoring, enrichment sessions, clubs, or sports teams to be registered in the Extended Day Care Program so that the EDC Program can safely monitor the children after their school events have ended.


To register, please download and complete the Registration/Emergency Contact Form and the Child Health Assessment Form and return them to the office before the opening of school. Registration for the EDC Program is free and all students are welcome. The EDC Program will open on the first full day of school. The services of the Extended Day Care program can be utilized on a daily, weekly, or occasional basis however, all students using the EDC Program MUST be registered and have an annual physical form on file. The Pennsylvania Code for Child Day Care Centers requires an annual physical examination and registration/emergency contact forms be completed for all children that attend the program.


Communicating with us regarding your Extended Day Care plans is imperative to insure that our program is adequately staffed to run successfully and your child feels safe and secure. We ask that you notify both EDC and your child's classroom teacher in writing concerning your EDC plans for the day. Phone calls to the school office for last minute changes are also accepted. We need to know prior to the end of the school day who will or will not be attending EDC that day.


If you need to leave a message for the Extended Day Care Program during the school day, please call the school office 215-547-1800 and leave a message with the secretary up until 4:00 PM. After 4:00PM you must call the EDC cell phone number 215-680-1353 to reach us directly.


See our calendar.


Contact the office for registration forms and fees.