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Pen Ryn's full day Kindergarten program is designed to help each child grow socially, emotionally and academically. Our small class sizes and individualized attention allows each child to reach their full potential to help them become independent thinkers. Our well-rounded learners have an opportunity to engage in hands on activities, small groups, and cooperative learning.  Each student has the opportunity to reach their goals in a variety of different ways. A typical day consists of a wide array of academic lessons intertwined with a hand on approach to learning. Our experienced teachers will engage the students in a strong phonics, reading and writing program. We enhance and encourage the students writing skills through a program called "Kid Writing." This wonderful approach to writing encourages the students to become independent writers and lets them work at their own pace. Alongside Kid Writing, we use the Writer’s Workshop program to encourage the child’s love of writing stories. This program allows the student to learn to love writing and offers early exposure to the writing process.

Our math program is taught in small and large groups using a hands-on approach with a variety of different manipulative. Various activities inspire and encourage children to interact socially and academically in an environment that is conducive to learning.  At Pen Ryn, the students have an opportunity to partake in many exciting programs. The students have an opportunity to experience yoga, chess, and robotics. Our weekly Spanish, art, library and gym classes help the students become well-rounded individuals. The daily use of Smart board activities and iPads help reinforce the lessons that are being taught.

We have Science weekly to experience the world of nature and concepts about science. The students are able to do their own science experiments which provide them with a hand-on approach to learning to the world of Science.  Academic field trips, Grandparents' Day, class parties, Kindergarten graduation and our many assemblies are just a few of the extra activities that your child will have the opportunity to experience. Our full day kindergarten program provides a complete and healthy balance between academics and play. This is why the students at Pen Ryn are so excited to go home and share their experiences with their family and friends.


Revised on 11-1-15


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