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Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade

As sixth graders the students look forward to a year of balancing more freedom and responsibilities.  They will enjoy expanding their horizons through the following experiences:

Each year sixth graders are excited about becoming role models and “buddies” to the first graders.  Sixth graders and their “buddies” participate in many holiday activies including a Thanksgiving Feast, a Valentine’s Day Sunday Party and an end-of-year picnic.

Through SSR (Sustained Silent Reading), literature circles, guided reading, and shared reading, the students improve their comprehension skills by analyzing informational text and reading a variety of literature genres.  Writers learn to communicate effectively and authentically by following the writing process and by modeling mentor texts. Accompanying projects and exercises reinforce listening and writing skills. Sixth graders can be found working on laptops applying their research skills as they complete interdisciplinary assignments. Writing and research projects culminate in oral and visual presentations.  The variety of reading material, and diversity of projects and exercises combine to give the students a sense of independence along with higher level thinking skills that are essential for their academic success.    

In science, our students are challenged to examine the world in which they live by using scientific methods to observe, examine and complete labs on a variety of topics.  We have recognized the call for more inquiry-based science and as a result are implementing actual practice while encouraging problem-solving strategies and developing critical thinking skills.  This helps the students to be actively engaged in the learning process and excited to learn about science, invertebrates, plants, animals and the solar system.

Students in 6th grade will explore the relationships between fractions, decimals, percents and how they apply to real world situations.  Throughout the year an emphasis will be placed on all problem solving strategies as well as  pre-algebra concepts.            

Athletics become an integral part of student life as more team sport opportunities become available.  Boys and girls are encouraged to participate in interscholastic soccer, basketball, softball, bowling and golf.  As they strengthen their skills on the field, their endurance becomes an emphasis in their physical education classes. At lunchtime, balls and pucks fly as sixth graders participate in various intramural sports.

To ensure a positive and successful school year for all sixth graders, the guidance counselor helps the students develop their assertiveness and social skills such as: peer relations, conflict resolution and decision-making.

Revised 3-4-16

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