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First Grade

First Grade

The Pen Ryn first grade experience consists of a literature based integrated curriculum that challenges students in academic areas. Our entire morning emphasizes language arts exercises. This incorporates reading, vocabulary development, phonics, grammar, and creative writing. We use various teaching strategies to develop creativity in their writing. Children are encouraged to use inventive, phonetic and then standard spelling in their writing. We also incorporate poetry throughout the language arts curriculum. The school year progresses through many themes including citizenship, influential Americans, holiday traditions, seasons and character development. This is developed through individual work, cooperative groups, dramatic play and verbal presentations.

In math, students work on addition and subtraction facts to twenty with mastery up to twelve. A variety of methods are used to develop these concepts including hands-on activities, story problems (verbal and written), math manipulatives and mental math games. The SMART board is used to introduce each lesson, as well as to reinforce skills taught throughout the year. The year progresses to double digit addition and subtraction, money, measuring in inches and centimeters, geometry and telling time to the half hour. Learning Centers are set up throughout the classroom with games and activities which reinforce skills being taught in both areas of language arts and math.

Our social studies theme is taught using Flat Stanley as our guide. Flat Stanley is a character in a series of chapter books in which he is flattened by a bulletin board and travels around to different areas in a large envelope. The children begin in the fall by meeting Flat Stanley and then showing him all around their community. After several weeks, they create a project to share with the rest of the class about their adventures with Stanley. From there, Stanley gets mailed out all over the country to the students' friends and relatives. When he gets mailed back to us, each child has their own map to track where Stanley has been.

In science, your child will explore Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science. Throughout the year they will be investigating plant and animal life cycles, animal habitats and characteristics, Earth’s land, water and resources and weather. The student will them explore the changes in matter, force, motion and the pulley systems, all done through hands- on activities.  

Another exciting aspect of first grade is incorporating field trips into our curriculum. First grade attends the Living History Farm, the theater, and The Philadelphia Zoo in conjunction with different units of study.  First graders also look forward to our sixth grade buddy program. They enjoy art, physical education, computers, chess, yoga, science, Spanish and library. The children work on math and language arts skills using iPads once a week.

To culminate the school year, first grade ends with a musical. This incorporates listening, speaking, cooperation, self-confidence and teamwork.


Revised on 11-1-15

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