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Seventh Grade

Seventh Grade

The seventh grade curriculum continues to challenge students’ reasoning and thinking skills.  Organization, study skills, and accountability are taught, modeled and stressed throughout the year. Interactive Smartboard technology benefits students in all subject areas.  Throughout the year students use a variety of computer programs for project work, writing, research and multimedia presentation.

The curriculum in language arts includes themes of identity and prejudice as woven through a variety of literature activities and writing experiences.  Reading instruction ranges from independent reading to whole class novel study and book club discussion groups.  Genre study includes selections in drama, short story, poetry, nonfiction, and folktales.  Students respond to literature through various writing activities, project work, and oral presentations.  Writer’s workshop stresses student-selected topics as well as required formats such as narrative, poetry, research and essay.  The revision phase of the writing process is emphasized with students producing multiple drafts and publishable works with real-world relevancy.   

In Science our students are challenged to examine the world in which they live by using scientific methods to observe, examine and complete labs on a variety of topics.  We have recognized the call for more inquiry-based Science and have implemented actual practice into our lessons, while also encouraging problem-solving strategies and developing critical thinking skills.  This helps the students to be actively engaged in the learning process, and excited to learn about Science. 

Social Studies focuses on American History from the founding of Jamestown to Reconstruction.  Students also practice reading maps, understanding primary sources, and taking notes.  Reenacting the triangular trade and the constitutional convention, as well as the spring trip to Gettysburg is among the activities offered.

In Math, more focus is placed on pre-algebra concepts and rational numbers.  Equations will be studied in more detail. Students will continue to explore three dimensional figures by creating and solving various problems. The seventh graders are also introduced to probability and statistics.

Field trips are integrated with curriculum in science, social studies, and language arts and have included visits to historical battlefields and the theatre.

Seventh grade students begin to look ahead toward high school. Pen Ryn sponsors a high school night to aid in this process.

Revised on 11-1-15


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