Profile of a Graduate

A graduate of Pen Ryn School will be nurtured, encouraged and empowered to:

-Demonstrate the essential skills necessary to become an independent critical thinker and life-long learner.

-Display strong reading, verbal and written communication skills.

-Apply mathematical, scientific and information technology skills in order to be well prepared for higher education.

-Be respectful and compassionate in a diverse society.

-Show perseverance and understanding of the importance and values of hard work in the 21st century.

-Have the courage to take on challenges when the outcome is uncertain.

-Exhibit the ability to be resourceful, collaborative, and confident when problem solving.

-Process and apply innovative ideas built on their knowledge in real world situations.

-Possess pride in their own ideas, abilities, and skills and be open to discourse with their peers, family, and community.

-Express their opinions and points of view with confidence to an audience