Employment Opportunities

The Pen Ryn School seeks highly qualified candidates who love children, love learning, and appreciate the values of a small private school setting. Employees interact regularly with all members of the commnity - colleagues, students, and parents - and must possess strong interpersonal skills. Individuals who come to work at The Pen Ryn School enjoy the professional and caring nature of the work environment; thus, turnover in faculty and staff is small.

Art teacher: Will provide an atmosphere where students have the opportunity to fulfill their potential for artistic and intellectual growth. The teacher establishes and (as necessary) adjusts instructional goals and objectives, to reflect the knowledge, skills, progress, and needs of one’s students. The teacher designs lessons that provide opportunity for problem-solving, and creativity. This position is part time. Bachelor's degree and experience teaching elementary aged students required.

Please email your resume to lreed@penryn.org